Working in Luxembourg

A small country with international flair

If you are looking for an international, multicultural country, Luxembourg is the place for you! Luxembourg is home to a large number of foreign nationals from over 160 countries who speak no fewer than 80 languages. Besides the three officially recognised languages – Luxembourgish, French and German – English is also widely spoken.

The city and its people

Luxembourg is one of the smallest states in the world, with a surface area of 2,586 square kilometres (or, in other words, 82 kilometres long and 57 kilometres wide), making it the smallest EU member state after Malta. In terms of the labour market, its geographical and national borders are hardly an obstacle: the population of Luxembourg City doubles on weekdays. The majority of cross-border workers come from France, followed by Belgium and Germany.

The internationality and multilingualism of the labour market is not only attractive for the highly driven financial centre. Numerous multinational companies and European institutions have also settled in the Grand Duchy. Naturally, this internationality is reflected at VP Bank, too. At both VP Bank (Luxembourg) SA and VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) SA, we are proud of our heterogeneous teams with employees from roughly 20 different nations.

Luxembourg offers a high standard of living from an environmental point of view, as well. Few other cities can boast such a diverse selection of natural spaces, green oases and urban amenities. Beautiful landscapes are the perfect place to hike, cycle and enjoy nature and are home to an array of opportunities for relaxation. The vibrant city also has a lot to offer: varied nightlife, classic concerts in the internationally renowned Philharmonie and a wide variety of cultural events.

Insider tips

  • The beautiful glass lift takes you from the city centre to the Pfaffenthal district 71 metres below.
  • Attend a performance at the Philharmonie – one of the most-visited venues in the city.
  • The Passage du Palais is located at the heart of the fish market, the oldest part of the city and its former centre.
  • Surrounded by locals, enjoy a stunning view of the city centre and the valley from the Drai Eechelen park.
  • The city pop-up shops are a concept to avoid vacancies in the city centre. These exhibition spaces are offered at low prices to applicants who want to test out new creations and concepts.

Enjoy incomparable quality of life

Luxembourg is considered one of the safest cities in the world due to factors such as political stability, crime rate or the competence of police and law enforcement. Other good reasons that speak in favour of Luxembourg are its strong social cohesion, excellent healthcare system, attractive social benefits and favourable tax regime for highly skilled workers. No wonder, then, that this large multicultural community attracts both single people and families, making it quick and easy to construct a social life and network.

The smart city also makes a name for itself in terms of its infrastructure. It is a pioneer and role model in various areas. When it comes to using data on the go, Luxembourg offers one of the best wi-fi networks in Europe and makes it available to everyone free of charge. The city also promotes community mobility through its well-developed public transport network and offers free public transport by bus, tram or train.

And what is every employee most happy about? Exactly. Days off to recharge their batteries. In Luxembourg, every employee enjoys 11 public holidays. The extraordinary thing is that if a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday is postponed to the next working day – making employees’ hearts jump for joy and enthusiasm. Let’s go to Luxembourg!