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Flexible banking - anywhere, any time

Would you like to carry out your banking transactions whenever you like, without having to worry about security? Our solution: VP Bank e-banking.

With VP Bank e-banking you can carry out your banking transactions from wherever you are – quickly, conveniently and round the clock. You are kept constantly informed of the status of your transactions and, thanks to transparent summaries, you have complete control over your costs. In addition, irrespective of fixed office hours you have access to up-to-date information and a wide range of functions.


e-banking and e-banking plus

VP Bank e-banking & e-banking plus functions

Account information

•  Asset matrix with graphic display

•  Summary of transactions and assets
Payment transactions

•  Payment transactions via all standard payment methods

•  Setting up and administering standing orders

•  Simple procedures for changing, deleting or copying payment orders and standing orders

Stock exchange

•  Placement of individual and composite stock exchange orders

•  Clear display of your stock exchange and money market orders, including all details and current processing status

•  Wide range of functions (e.g. cancel order, copy order, print order)

•  Attractive discounts on transactions

•  On-screen access to the latest market data

•  Execution confirmations sent via text or fax


•  Banking correspondence sent electronically

•  Electronic account and asset statements available

Messaging •  Secure channel for messages to and from VP Bank
Granting user entitlements*

•  Creating, blocking or cancelling users and allocating the necessary rights and clients.

* applies only to users of e-banking plus


Log-in procedure / mobile token

Register your smartphone via the app as a mobile token and from then on you can use it to confirm your log-in procedure or to authorise payments via e-banking. For more information on using the mobile token, check out our instructions.

e-banking mobile

VP Bank e-banking mobile is an innovative solution we have developed which enables you to access your account data easily and conveniently. It also allows you to initiate stock exchange transactions.

VP Bank e-banking mobile functions

Payment transactions

•  Enter account transfers, payments using red and orange payment slips and IBAN payments.

•  The various payment methods depend on the bank location.

•  Enter your payments quickly and conveniently by scanning in payment slips.

•  Display your last 100 payment/standing orders and their current status.

Stock exchange

•   Enter stock exchange transactions via smartphone or tablet.

•   On-screen access to the latest market data

•   Add new securities on your own initiative.

•   Display your last 100 stock exchange transactions with the relevant details.


•  Banking correspondence sent electronically

Push notifications

Set up push notifications to be informed of subsequent actions:

•  account credit

•  account debit

•  Messaging

•  receipt of e-Post documents

•  approval of payment orders / stock exchange orders

Messaging •  Exchange encrypted messages directly via VP Bank e-banking mobile


Log-in procedure and tips

  • Secure log-in procedure using the VP Bank security token or mobile token, with the option of saving your user data within the system.
  • Logging into VP Bank e-banking mobile involves the same log-in features as for VP Bank e-banking (username, password and VP Bank security token or mobile token).

  • The app solution for smartphones or tablets with iOS or Android offers the convenient option of saving an authentication code on your device. This is valid for 360 days. Once you have set up your authentication code, all you will need to log into VP Bank e-banking mobile is your username and password.


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