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Gender Diversity: VP Bank safely ahead

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According to a study, VP Bank Group has an exemplary proportion of women in management.

Each year, the "schillingreport – gender diversity" examines the gender ratio of Swiss companies. In overall terms, the proportion of women in management is rising. "It ought to be self-evident that both women and men can enjoy successful careers," says Guido Schilling, Managing Partner of the study publisher.

In this respect, VP Bank is already optimally positioned. Accounting for 41 percent of the workforce (figures as at 31 December 2016), the share of women is above the overall benchmark of 37 percent. With a share of 22 percent on the Board of Directors, VP Bank is also "safely ahead" here – in line with its corporate motto. In an overall comparison, 20 percent of executives at the bank group are women (figures as at 1 January 2017), which is substantially above the average for the sector (8 percent).

Alfred W. Moeckli, CEO of VP Bank Group, welcomes this result. "The proportion of women at VP Bank is rising. Our rating by the distinguished "schillingreport" demonstrates that when it comes to career planning, we are also excellent employers for women and offer exciting career prospects."

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