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VP Bank Foundation’s Lichtblick donation event

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VP Bank Foundation's "Lichtblick" fundraising event was held on Tuesday, 8 November 2022, at VP Bank in Triesen. Numerous institutions that are socially and charitably engaged in Liechtenstein received funding.

Since it was established in 2007, the VP Bank Foundation has supported social and charitable organisations with financial donations. On the occasion of this year's "Lichtblick" donation event, 28 institutions received donations of around 65,000 Swiss francs in a festive setting.

Fredy Vogt, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the VP Bank Foundation, focused on the activities of the VP Bank Foundation in his welcoming address. In his words, the Foundation's statutes as well as its concrete sponsorship activities attach great importance to supporting socially and charitably active organisations. "In addition to promoting science, education, culture and the environment, the Foundation, which was established in 2006 on the occasion of VP Bank's 50th anniversary, devotes special attention to supporting institutions that help the disadvantaged and contribute to social balance in society. The annual event for the presentation of donations is intended not only to express appreciation for the institutions and those responsible for them, but also to offer the participants an opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas".

With "Lichtblick", the VP Bank Foundation strengthens the commitment of these institutions and helps them to successfully fulfil their tasks. In addition, one institution at a time is given the opportunity to present its activities to the guests in attendance. At this year's fundraising event, the "Frauenhaus Liechtenstein" Women's Shelter presented itself.

Fredy Vogt
Fredy Vogt, President of the Foundation Board © Roland Korner
Alos Beck, Andrea Rhomberg, Fredy Vogt
Alois Beck, Andrea Heutschi-Rhomberg, Fredy Vogt © Roland Korner
Martina Dünser-Davis, Lill-Isabelle Schwendener © Roland Korner
Andrea Heutschi-Rhomberg and Fredy Vogt at the handover © Roland Korner

Beneficiary organisations and institutions

Caritas Liechtenstein e.V.

Eltern Kind Forum

Familienhilfe Liechtenstein e.V.

Familienzentrum «müze»

Frauenhaus Liechtenstein

Gehörlosen Kulturverein Liechtenstein

Hilfswerk Liechtenstein

infra, Informations- und Beratungsstelle für Frauen

KIT - Stiftung für Krisenintervention

Krebshilfe Liechtenstein

LAK Liechtensteinische Alters- und Krankenhilfe

Lebenshilfe Balzers e.V.

Liechtensteiner Behinderten-Verband

Liechtensteinisches Rotes Kreuz

NetzWerk, Verein für Gesundheitsförderung


Samariterverein Balzers

Samariterverein Liechtensteiner Unterland

Samariterverein Schaan

Samariterverein Triesen

Samariterverein Triesenberg

Samariterverein Vaduz

Stiftung für Heilpädagogische Hilfe in Liechtenstein

Verein für Betreutes Wohnen in Liechtenstein

Verein für Kinderbetreuung Planken

Verein für Männerfragen

Verein Hospizbewegung Liechtenstein

Verein Kindertagesstätten Liechtenstein

For further information please contact:

VP Bank Foundation
Andrea Heutschi-Rhomberg
Managing Director

Tel +423 235 67 61


Facts & Figures VP Bank Foundation

On the occasion of VP Bank's 50th anniversary, the VP Bank Foundation was established in 2007 with a charitable purpose. The goal of the VP Bank Foundation is to support projects, institutions and individuals that excel in the areas of art, education, science and culture in the broader sense.

Donations may also be made for charitable and social purposes as well as non-profit campaigns. The results and works of the sponsored projects, institutions and individuals must have a recognisable connection to the Principality of Liechtenstein and/or the corporate values of VP Bank Group for the general public or a part thereof.


Foundation Board

  • Fredy Vogt, President of the Foundation Board
  • Alois Beck, Vice President of the Foundation Board
  • Dr Felix Brill, Member of the Foundation Board


Managing Director

  • Andrea Heutschi-Rhomberg
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