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Banking on the recovery
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Climate Change Stimulus
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VP Bank’s online presence gets a fresh look

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13.01.2021  ·  News from the financial markets
Corona-Crisis-Barometer: Good and bad

The barometer is picking up an increased economic activity during the festive season. 

12.01.2021  ·  Our View
Banking on the recovery

The signs for the investment year 2021 are in favour of a recovery despite the pandemic. We have increased the strategic equity quota at the beginning of this year but are prepared for setbacks thanks to alternative assets. 

11.01.2021  ·  Media release
VP Bank in Singapore Awarded Best Private Bank Intermediary Services in Asian Private Banker Awards for Distinction 2020

VP Bank Ltd Singapore Branch has been awarded ‘Best Private Bank – Intermediary Services’ in the      Asian Private Banker Awards for Distinction 2020. The win is testament to the bank’s long-standing expertise and commitment to financial intermediaries across the Asia-Pacific region.

07.01.2021  ·  Media release
VP Bank (Luxembourg) SA completes acquisition of Private Banking of Öhman Bank S.A. in Luxembourg

As of 1 January 2021, the acquisition of the client business of the Luxembourg-based Private Bank Öhman Bank S.A. by VP Bank (Luxembourg) SA was completed. The acquisition was announced on 8 July 2020.

18.12.2020  ·  News from the financial markets
Climate Change Stimulus

Heavy investment will be required for the economy to become green. This should be regarded as an opportunity for investors. 

16.12.2020  ·  News
VP Bank’s online presence gets a fresh look

VP Bank has given its website a comprehensive makeover.

14.12.2020  ·  Media release
VP Bank puts its focus on digital technologies with new IT strategy

VP Bank has adopted its IT strategy as an important milestone in the implementation of the previously communicated Strategy 2026. The measures are aimed at further advancing the digital transformation in order for the Bank to become a wealth management service provider. To operate its IT infrastructure, VP Bank is relying on a strategic partnership with a specialised external technology company and service provider.

10.12.2020  ·  Our View
With confidence into the new year

If one were to look at the current state of the equity markets, one might think that the Corona pandemic was just a bad dream. But there are good reasons to look to 2021 with optimism.

09.12.2020  ·  News from the financial markets
Green recovery

The latest issue of VP Bank's investment magazine Telescope focuses on the economic upswing, which will be characterized by investments in the green economy.

01.12.2020  ·  News
Invest sustainably and seize opportunities!

Sustainable investments not only offer attractive, stable long-term returns; they also generate positive environmental and social change. With our “Investing for Change” initiative, VP Bank actively supports these goals. We can offer you exceptional investment solutions that take advantage of sustainable investment opportunities and promote positive change.