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Digital Transformation Online Commerce - «Alexa: What shall I buy?»
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Chinas Mission
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Digital Transformation - The path to the future

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10 October 2019  ·  Investment ideas
Digital Transformation Online Commerce - «Alexa: What shall I buy?»

In many ways the online shopping experience is far superior to the traditional way of going to department stores. We look at the digitalisation of the shopping experience in the second part of our series on Digital Transformation. 


8 October 2019  ·  Tactical positioning
A Question of Perspective

Weak economic data on the one hand, hope for stimulus measures on the other. It is far from clear in which direction the pendulum will swing in the next few weeks. For us, risks currently predominate.

27 September 2019  ·  News from the financial markets
Chinas Mission

The People's Republic of China marks its 70. anniversary. A good time to think deeply about the changes of the world's second biggest economy in the coming years. This is the topic of the focus edition of our quarterly publication "Investment Views".

10 September 2019  ·  Tactical positioning
Winter is coming

Several central banks have already reacted to the recent weaker economic data. Nevertheless, there seems to be no way around a recession. VP Bank is sticking to the cautious positioning of its portfolio. 

9 September 2019  ·  Investment ideas
Digital Transformation - The path to the future

The future is smart and connected. The digitalisation will change our own lives as well as business models. In a new multipart series named “Digital Transformation – The path to the future” we will show which drivers are changing the way business is conducted in the future and how investors might profit from that. 

4 September 2019  ·  Media release
VP Bank (Switzerland) Ltd secures simplified access to the German market

As one of only a small number of Swiss private banks to date, VP Bank (Switzerland) Ltd has secured the necessary exemption from the German Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht – “BaFin”) under the simplified procedure. This entails simplified access to the German market.

28 August 2019  ·  Media release
Standard & Poor’s confirms "A" rating and stable outlook for VP Bank

In its current report dated 27 August 2019, the renowned rating agency Standard & Poor's reaffirmed its "A/Stable/A-1" rating for VP Bank, emphasising its favorable financial profile, very strong capitalization, stable shareholder structure, sound liquidity position and stable client deposit base.

20 August 2019  ·  Ad hoc
VP Bank reports sharp growth in earnings and strong net new money inflows in the first half-year of 2019

With a gain of 20.5 per cent in group net income, net new money inflows of CHF 1.2 billion und a substantial increase in assets under management of 9.9 per cent to CHF 45.6 billion, VP Bank Group demonstrated a robust performance for the first six months.

13 August 2019  ·  Tactical positioning
Rising Anxiety

The anxiety in financial markets has increased noticeably in August. We are all the more convinced of our decision to diversify the portfolio more broadly with the inclusion of gold and insurance-linked securities as well as to underweight equities.

9 August 2019  ·  News from the financial markets
Boris Johnson forcing a hard Brexit

The global economy is no longer in the best of shape. But the fact that the major central banks are changing course so hard is still surprising. Apparently, interest rate cuts lie on the horizon for the second half of the year. This is an extraordinary change of course, inasmuch as the global economic winds are blowing at the pace of their long-term average. We are seeking explanations for this overly cautious route.