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At the 56th Annual General Meeting, VP Bank shareholders approve all motions of the Board of Directors
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VP Bank launches audio branding strategy
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12 June 2019  ·  Media release
Extended management team at VP Fund Solutions

VP Fund Solutions continues its dynamic growth course with an expanded Executive Board.

11 June 2019  ·  Media release
VP Bank Rally – starting signal for a unique classic car experience

The first VP Bank Rally is set to be held on 15 and 16 June. The première will entail a unique, challenging rally experience passing through the most beautiful landscapes and featuring culinary and cultural highlights in the region of VP Bank’s headquarters.

11 June 2019  ·  Tactical positioning
Reducing Risk

The global economy is still growing, but so too are concerns about a looming recession.

28 May 2019  ·  News from the financial markets
The trade war drags on ... and on, and on

The trade dispute between the US and China has escalated. The US policy is not just about balancing the trade deficit with individual countries. The strategic goal is the protection and exclusive use of American intellectual property. What significance do punitive tariffs have for companies and consumers, and what do investors have to keep in mind in this uncertain environment?

15 May 2019  ·  News
VP Bank presents the Best Paper Award

On 14 May 2019, the Institute for Finance of the University of Liechtenstein hosted a workshop on "Sustainable Finance" for the third time, where international researchers were able to submit and present their papers on the topic of sustainable finance.

29 April 2019  ·  Media release
Launch of the VP Bank recession barometer for the Eurozone

VP Bank is launching its own recession barometer for the Eurozone. At monthly intervals, the barometer shows the actual probability of an impending decline in gross domestic product.

26 April 2019  ·  Ad hoc
At the 56th Annual General Meeting, VP Bank shareholders approve all motions of the Board of Directors

At its 56th ordinary Annual General Meeting held on Friday, 26 April 2019 in Vaduz, VP Bank shareholders approved all of the motions put forward by the Board of Directors. 487 shareholders were present.

24 April 2019  ·  Media release
VP Bank Ladies Open: VP Bank supports women’s golf at the highest level

The sixth VP Bank professional golf tournament for women is set to be staged at Gams-Werdenberg Golf Course from 3 to 5 May 2019. The VP Bank Ladies Open features a world first as well as several opportunities to win golden accolades.

18 April 2019  ·  Media release
VP Fund Solutions: Impressive figures to report on World Fund Day

To mark tomorrow’s World Fund Day, VP Fund Solutions is able to draw a positive balance for the two fund locations Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

1 April 2019  ·  News
VP Bank launches audio branding strategy

For any brand to be considered modern today, it has to be optimised for digital channels. With this in mind, VP Bank has decided to add an acoustic element to its brand identity and thus reinforce the emotional impact of the brand as a whole.